Nicky Chase: Man in a Fish Oil Pill

| July 14, 2015


Nicky Chase: Man in a Fish Oil Pill

It all began one cold winter’s night in 2009. I’d been reading Jane Eyre in bed for hours, my husband beside me fast asleep. When I finished the book, I turned to find my husband gone and an overweight, bald man lying in his place.

And he was snoring.

I leaped out of bed, utterly discombobulated. Who was this person? How did he get there? How did I not notice my husband leave and a stranger take his place? The quiet life of contented retirement we’d just begun ended at that moment and a strange, wonderful world emerged—one where time proved not to be quite as linear as we thought, where teleportation and time travel were commonplace, where history could be rewritten, and where a tiny man in a fish-oil supplement showed us the miracles courage, perseverance, love, and faith in a dream could inspire.


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