The Dreaming Demon

| July 15, 2015


The Dreaming Demon

In 1592 the monk Ferdinand de Castile set out to the New World to preach to the natives in the jungle without knowing about their Gods and what power they hold. All that survives is his journal, the ramblings of a tortured soul on the fringes of sanity, recounting tales of a forgotten city long since lost to the rainforest. Now the expedition led by Sir Albert is to attempt to rediscover this city and its secrets. What mysteries and horrors led to the city being deserted by its inhabitants and engulfed by the jungle? Why is the beautiful but enigmatic Lady Athelton so intent on following in the monk’s footsteps? Will the mission lead to the discovery of a city paved with gold and jewels, and fame and fortune for all involved? Or does something more sinister lie in wait in the depths of the jungle?

With aspects of Haggard, Howard, and Lovecraft, this 14000 word novella will transport you to the golden age of adventure, taking you on a journey back to times when brave explorers embarked on expeditions of discovery to far flung lands with little knowledge of where they were going, or what they might find.


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