Anna’s Robin

| July 16, 2015


Anna's Robin

I’ve seen smoke bubble up from the bottom of the ocean and warm the sea. I’ve seen fish slurp down stars and I’ve seen dark mountains throw blue shadows onto sunset colors, high in the sky.

This story poem mixes wonders of nature with fantasy. Anna shrinks to mouse size and rides on her robin’s back to a hollow plum tree where she and her other robin friends all dance the tango. Afterword they fly through mountain shadows in the sky and go from one gentle adventure to another. Koi feed on their left over animal cracker crumbs and as the stars reflect on the water above the fish it looks to Anna as if the koi are slurping down stars. Then sweet Anna and her robin friends all float in an ocean warmed by smoke bubbles.

Anna is cherished. Cozy feelings of being loved bubble through and permeate each page. Beautiful colored pictures, spiced with fun, grow from the rhymes and plump up in noisy colors.


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