Don’t Waste Those Seven Keywords

western-fictionUsually by the time an author is ready to publish their book, they have read, re-read, and proof read,  the book so many times that they are ready to be done with it. Then there is the formatting and making sure the cover is just right, and then uploading it into Amazon. Oops, I forgot the description, now I have to write that. By the time they get to the keyword section they just hap hazardly fill in some related words or even worse leave it blank.

Even if you left your keywords blank, don’t fear, you can always go back to your bookshelf and edit your keyword choices. The keywords are important because they help Amazon shoppers find your book. So take some time to use words that describe your book and that people are searching for. Also, take the time to see which keywords are working and change the ones that aren’t.

If you have no idea what keywords you have used on your books, now may be a good time to go to your bookshelf and copy them into a text file or a spreadsheet. Now go to Amazon, I like to use the Kindle Store Page since I am working with Kindle books, and type in your keyword and see what books rank for that.

If you are on the first page of results then that keyword is probably working for your book. When you type in that keyword make note of related keywords and Amazon auto suggest keywords, these may be good choices to replace your losers with. Keywords that you don’t rank for or that don’t have many results or searches are probably loser keywords, that you will want to replace with better keywords.

How Do I Know Which Keywords To Use

You want keywords that get a lot of searches, yet are relevant enough to your book that you can rank for them. If you want to check search volume you can always check out the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. You can also just choose a keyword that you think is appropriate and type it into the Amazon search bar. If there are a lot of other books in the results then  it’s probably a popular keyword, other popular and relevant keywords will pop up in the auto suggest box as you type in your original keyword. There are also related search suggestions that will help point you in the right direction.

Sometimes adding the keyword you want your book to rank for in the book description can help with relevance. If you take the time to periodically adjust the keywords that you use it can give your book a bit of a boost. With competition becoming more fierce everyday we all need to do what we can to get our books in front of the public’s eye. Little adjustments like this can help in the long run.