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| April 20, 2013


Simple Secrets to a Happier Fulfilling Life - EnjoyLife 360

Making Every Day A Success

Simple Secrets to a Happier Fulfilling Life

In this book you will discover basic ways to enjoy the daily life in its simplicity. There are countless ways to simplify life and enjoy it in the midst of all the ups and downs – that is the beauty of life. Life is supposed to be fun. That is the essence of this.

EnjoyLife 360 contains: Inspirational short stories, Thoughts, Text, Quotes, Ideas and Tweets to inspire you daily to enjoy life and live your dreams. This is an all-year-round motivational book, written in brief inspiring points, engaging and transforming words. From the everyday life challenges, to finding purpose in life, interlaced with humor to enjoy the daily life.

This book is packed with transforming thoughts, prayer-able prayers, quotable quotes, share-able short stories, text-able texts, and tweet-able tweets.
A number of people in the world thrive on pills(drugs) to survive. But this book contains different kind of pills to empower you – words of motivation everyone can live by daily.

If you need daily inspirational messages to send to people as SMS, to tweet and share. This is the book for you.

It serves as a reference book to keep and to be used as your daily dose of motivation. Inspirational devotional. A word a day will keep you energized to face the day. Enjoy Life!


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