Genealogy: DNA And The Family Tree

| July 19, 2015


Genealogy: DNA And The Family Tree (Ancestry, Genealogy Research, Family History Detective, Genealogy Research,  DNA, Genetics)

Discover the Secrets of Your Ancestors with DNA Research and Genealogy

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No matter how much time you spend in the present, there’s no escaping the fact that your past has a great impact on your future.

Have you ever wished you knew more about your family history?

DNA and Genealogy explains all you need to know about DNA science. It explains the amazing relationship between DNA and inheritance. You’ll also find out the essentials of genealogy, and how it can help you predict certain health ailments.

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Here’s a sample of what you can learn from this essential book:

“DNA and Genealogy may seem unrelated, but in reality, are interdependent. DNA is the biomolecule that stores all the information of an organism that is vital for its functions. The DNA not only stores information, it is the hereditary material in all most all living beings. On the other hand, Genealogy is the science and study of family history.”

DNA and Genealogy provides basic knowledge about the structure and function of a DNA molecule. It also explains how DNA is inherited by from your ancestors according to the laws of inheritance and gives examples of some interesting experiments. You’ll even learn the techniques of modern Genealogy, and how they’re related to health and research!

Do our ancestors hold the key to our modern day health and wellbeing?

Find out now!

Download your copy of DNA and Genealogy TODAY, and start connecting your past to your present – and your future!

You’ll be so glad you did!


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