Opur’s Blade (Prairie Winds Golf Course Book 4)

| July 20, 2015


Opur's Blade (Prairie Winds Golf Course Book 4)

Character-Based Suspense Spiced With Mystery

Life and Death Amid Golf

Like most mothers, Rayelene Purler, envisions great things for her child. In an attempt to introduce her son to a slice of life the family can ill-afford she arranges for him to get instructional lessons at nearby Prairie Winds Golf Course.

After head golf pro J Dub Schroeder watched his prized pupil strike the ball he knew he had a gifted child in his presence. The lad, nicknamed Opur because of his propensity to sink putts, battles through family hardship, a future without aim, and a sudden love interest to earn a chance to play in America’s most famous yearly golf event — The Classic. But something else is going on.

Gear up for a story that has as much to do with life and death as golf.

˃˃˃ A Cozy Mystery

Not all mysteries need a dead body.

Teenage prodigy Owen Purler, Jr., nicknamed Opur, has a knack for knocking the ball into the hole. His home away from home becomes Prairie Winds Golf Course after a protective mother with great dreams for her child and a traveling father with a love for the bottle create a dysfunctional household.

An unexpected event alters his path. Adolescent bliss turns into a future without aim. A sudden love interest gives life a new meaning, However when life’s defining moment beckons Opur finds that something more important blocks his path. What can that be? It promises to add to the suspense.

˃˃˃ Laughs, Tears, Drama, and Suspense

Rayelene Purler endures a teenage pregnancy. Her country swagger entertains after her precious son arrives on the scene. She has dreams of greatness for her first-born and they include expenses that the family can ill-afford. Meanwhile husband, Owen Purler, has a weakness for the bottle and a wandering eye. Those deficiencies place a hardship on the family model.

Their son, nicknamed Opur, takes to golf like a hawk to prey. Unexpected events lead to sadness. A clouded future confuses direction. A sudden relationship springs new hope. When opportunity knocks an old friend is called for wisdom.

Something else is going on behind the scenes that complicates the struggle at hand. Can you figure out what that can be? The ending will surprise.

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