The Fairies at Browning Grange

| July 21, 2015


The Fairies at Browning Grange

Do you believe in fairies?

For thousands of years they have lived with us in our fables and in our forests. They have crept from beneath beds to frighten our children and tormented our travelers unmercifully on the road at dusk. They have infested our gardens and spoiled the milk in our barns and smashed the crockery in our kitchens. They have bewitched and bedeviled young lovers and drugged us and caused our sleep to be filled with fantastic dreams.

In the summer of 1921, photographer John Warrick is invited to Browning Grange to witness an unusual phenomenon. Spurred by the imagination of two charming children and the seductive allure of the children’s aunt, Warrick embarks on a search for the fairies at Browning Grange in hopes that capturing their image on film will prove once and for all that fairies are real.

Warrick soon finds himself embroiled in an electrifying mystery. For something lives in the shadows of the hollow deep in the forest at Browning Grange, something with plans of its own.

The Fairies at Browning Grange, a 20,000 word novella, is a mystery charged with scenes of electrifying sensuality and is therefore recommended for mature readers.


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