Footsteps in my dreams

| July 21, 2015


Footsteps in my dreams

Nancy has dedicated herself to her career, and when her boss mysteriously disappears, she finally gets the opportunity she’s been working so hard for. This is also when her life gets turned upside down. Her secretary, whom was having an affair with her old boss, seems to be sabotaging her job. A mysterious man is stalking her. And to top it all off, when detectives Preston and Charles start investigating the disappearance, they recognize Nancy from a previous case and she immediately becomes a suspect.

The closer detective Preston gets to her, the more convinced he is that she holds the answer to the disappearances. He tries to stay impartial in the investigation but his attraction to her is making it difficult. As the detectives get closer to solving the case, Nancy’s stalker becomes bolder and she begins to fear for her life. She turns to the detective Preston for help, but he has a secret of his own.


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