Reaching New Heights

| July 22, 2015


Children's Books:

” Reaching New Heights”: Boost your child’s self- esteem with an inspiring children’s book.

Emma loves to take ballet lessons. She loves her teacher, Madame Olivia. She loves dancing along with the piano music, and she loves seeing her friends, Emily, Madison, and Ryan. But when Madame Olivia announces that the children will be performing for the entire town, Emma is very unhappy and insecure. She doesn’t feel as talented as her friends.

Join Emma in the second book of the children’s book series “Emma and Everything” on her journey of discovery. As she recognizes her strengths and talents, she realizes that she is special, talented, and absolutely wonderful in her own way.

“The message in ‘Reaching New Heights’ is so uplifting–a beautiful, lively book. Every teacher should have this book in his/her classroom and every parent should read it to the little ones in their family. Wonderful job by Ms Alony! Highly recommended!” –Author Joyce L. Mitchel

The illustrations are so colorful and beautiful. The story is very charming and sends out a positive message to young readers.” –Lisa Maliga

“What a delightful story for the kids. This one kept my kids engaged. Nice!”— Caterina L.

Maria Alony creates high-quality, illustrated children’s books that are not only fun and entertaining, but also contain an educational message and important values. As a mom herself, Maria reads picture books every night so that bedtime stories become part of her child’s routine. She believes that reading children’s books every day, for kids ages 4-8, is essential for developing language, fostering imagination, and promoting self-expression.

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Read this inspiring children’s book to your kids to motivate and encourage them to discover their uniqueness and boost their self-confidence.

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This fully-illustrated picture book is a great read aloud for preschool children and is highly recommended as a self–read book for beginner readers as well.


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