Happy Family Life: Tips for a Mindful Family Life (Inner Wisdom for kids Book 1)

| July 23, 2015


Happy Family Life: Tips for a Mindful Family Life (Inner Wisdom for kids Book 1)

Do you want a Happy and balanced Family Life?

Give Your Kids a Firm Foundation in Mindfulness

Happy Family Life teaches you how to achieve a happy and relaxed family life together with your children. You learn how to apply mindfulness for conscious parenting and find daily balance in a sometimes hectic life. The book is full of ideas, useful tips and exercises that help you reach your goals.

Great Tips from Morning to Bedtime:

  • How to start the day in a positive way and full of energy
  • Mindfulness and yoga exercises for the entire family
  • Fun massage games and songs for moments of relaxation
  • Communal breathing and meditation exercises
  • Discovering the treasures of nature in a playful way

˃˃˃ Improve the bond with your child to make fond childhood memories

Why not give your child the solid basis in life it deserves? The book helps you with that task. Everyone knows the importance of reading and telling stories, but how to do you get your child to actually listen and enjoy it? You will also learn how to create relaxing bedtime rituals to allow your child to sleep well, and the entire family to benefit.

˃˃˃ For everyone with children between 2 and 12 years old, whether you are father or mother, grandfather, grandmother, baby sitter or teacher

Marjolein Smit is yoga teacher, mother of two daughters and aware of the gap between what you would like to do with your children as and the practical outcome. This book helps close that gap.

The series Inner Wisdom for kids consists of:

#1 Happy Family Life: Tips for a Mindful Family Life

#2 Yoga for Kids. Simple Breathing Exercises, Fun Yoga Games for Inner Balance and Songs for Happy Kids

A positive book and must have!


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