Shadow Memories (The Singularity Conspiracy Book 1)

| July 26, 2015


Shadow Memories: A Novel (The Singularity Conspiracy Book 1)

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Small time private investigators Cassie Atwood and Kurt Desmond catch wayward husbands, stray dogs and other boring cases around the sleepy oceanside slum of Seaside Heights – until a stranger comes to town offering them forty grand to find some ancient paintings in a long forgotten cave high in the cliffs.

A simple enough task, considering Cassie knows where to look—but the art turns out to be a secret ancient message better left uncovered, and Kurt and Cassie soon find themselves on the run, outnumbered and outgunned, embroiled in a 10,000 year old conspiracy that might just lead them to the origin of humanity, way out amongst the stars.

The first book in the SINGULARITY CONSPIRACY TRILOGY, Shadow Memories will reveal the origin of civilization…and those who seek to destroy it.


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