Knight of Annwn (Knights of the Red Branch Book 3)

| July 26, 2015


Knight of Annwn (Knights of the Red Branch Book 3)

Ensnared by the magic of the Dryad of Death, Finley is compelled to do her deadly bidding. His target: the Unseelie prophetess taking refuge in the fey underworld.

Only Sin, the lesser fey Shoney that holds his heart, reminds him of the life he once possessed. But even that isn’t enough to prevent an act of betrayal that will change the course of destiny.

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy Adventure

Series: Knights of the Red Branch

Episode: 3 of 3

This is the third book in a Young Adult Fantasy serial with each part being approx. 60-65 pages each. It is not a standalone and is not intended to be read out of order.
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