Short Stories: Veterans after War

| July 27, 2015


Short Stories: Veterans after War

Short Stories: Veterans after War contains four stories that dive into the lives of veterans after they return home. Each story is a tale of survival, resilience, and mastery in a rapidly changing world.

Call it Murder

Cassie is one of the few female drone pilots in the Air Force. She has honed her skills by flying thousands of missions over the skies of Afghanistan and Iraq, and is responsible for terminating numerous high-value terrorist targets. But when a mission goes awry, she has no choice but to question everything.

Take These Pills

On a routine patrol in Iraq, two best friends are separated forever.

When only Torren comes home, how will he rebuild his life?

While You Were Bleeding

Chris and Steve have forged a decade long friendship while serving together in the Marine Corps. They’ve deployed, fought, and bled oversees. When they leave the military and use their Post 9-11 GI Bill to attend college, they’re shocked at what they find.

Quick Fix

Colonel Scott West has led Special Forces teams in just about every hellhole on earth.

When he’s tasked with creating the Military Revitalization Plan (MRP), he never expects how far some will go to suppress change.


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