Jeneria: Defenders of Ausmik

| July 27, 2015


Jeneria: Defenders of Ausmik

Jeneria: Defenders of Ausmik is a young adult fantasy novel by Bradley Kim, and the sequel to Jeneria: The White Citadel. Our heroine once again is Jenn, now relying on her uncle for support eight years after her parents’ death, and hungering for revenge on the totalitarian ways of the secret order in the city of Denethgilne. Her quest for retribution is fraught with difficulties, not least because a mysterious force appears to be beating them to their locations at every turn, but also in her encounter with the wasting Xomenclature, banished to the Outskirts where city-dwellers fear to tread. New locations and new allies abound as Jenn’s world expands, but new tragedies also await.


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