Peace of the Heart: Releasing Emotional Blocks and Living a Life You Love

| July 28, 2015


Peace of the Heart: Releasing Emotional Blocks and Living a Life You Love

“Renee beautifully illustrates the extraordinary power of self-love in Peace of the Heart. Her insightful healing journey is truly inspiring and the spiritual teachings offered here are profound yet accessible. This is a must read for anyone wishing to transform their life”

– Mira Kelley

World renowned past life regression expert and Bestselling Hay House author of Beyond Past Lives

“Peace of the Heart is chock full of wisdom! Renee obviously has the ability to connect with higher consciousness and receive information and instruction about how to heal. This book takes you on a journey into her personal healing transformation and encourages the readers’ own journey for self-healing.”

– Michelle Martin

Cosmic therapist and Founder of Amethyst Flower Healing Sanctuary


Life can offer up trauma and tragedy. It’s how we deal with that pain that makes all the difference between living a life you love and a life forever marked with pain. In Peace of Heart, Renee Li shares her experiences around two very sudden deaths of loved ones and the emotional imprints left behind by the shock from their passing. You can read about how her subconscious kept these emotional imprints hidden from her for thirty years (including beliefs around abandonment), how it controlled her life creating toxic relationships, and how she soldiered through her own resistance to face the pain in an effort to resolve it once and for all through self-love.

The vibration of love is a high frequency that resonates with the God in us. When you apply love to any emotional pain, it lifts the lower vibration of pain to match the higher vibration of love. Nothing can resist the power of real love, not even fear or anger. It’s a bit of alchemy and you are the alchemist. Learn how to transform your life by resolving old pain and turning it into love. You can follow Renee’s road-map to healing breakthroughs and clear your emotional imprints; making room for the fulfillment of all your heart’s desires.

It does not matter what you are trying to heal from, whether it is the emotional trauma from a car accident, abandonment by your birth parents, fear of rejection, heartache from a breakup, distrust from a betrayal, or grief from a passing. The healing practices in Peace of the Heart will illustrate a powerful and efficient way to heal your past wounds so that you can start to receive the peace, freedom and joy that you desire and deserve.


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