Where Brave Men Fall: The Battle of Dieppe and the Espionage War Against Hitler, 1939-1942

| April 21, 2013


Where Brave Men Fall: The Battle of Dieppe and the Espionage War Against Hitler, 1939-1942

Where Brave Men Fall – A groundbreaking and disturbing history that exposes American and British back room politics, treason, and wartime espionage while laying bare the story of one of the greatest Allied military disasters and betrayals of World War Two.

On August 19, 1942, an Allied naval armada of 237 ships arrived off the coast of Dieppe, France carrying ten thousand sailors and soldiers determined to assault Adolf Hitler’s Fortress Europe in what was coined Operation JUBILEE. What these men thought would be a textbook lesson in amphibious warfare turned instead into a slaughter. In only seven hours of battle, the Allies, consisting mostly of Canadian troops, lost more men than the United States during either the War of 1812, the Mexican-American War, or the Spanish-American War. Before the day was ended, the Canadians recorded a 68 percent casualty rate. Of the 5086 Canadians who landed at Dieppe only 1443 returned to England, many of whom were wounded. What was to have been the first Allied attempt to land a large force on the European Continent since Dunkirk instead, turned into a horrendous failure.

The Battle of Dieppe was the first serious Allied assault against Hitler’s western European defense system in World War Two. Historically, it is regarded as the preamble to the June 6, 1944, D-Day Landings. Yet, there has never been a detailed and complete examination of the political, military or strategic reasons behind the raid, the countless security leaks preceding the battle, nor the claims by both German and Allied troops that the Germans had been forewarned.

Where Brave Men Fall is a riveting and disturbing journey across the pages of WWII military and political history. Painstakingly researched, the authors tell the story of American and British political, military, and espionage intrigues and the events leading up to and culminating in the Battle of Dieppe. Their conclusions are both profound and sobering, revealing how the Dieppe Raid was part of a grand British military deception resulting in the cold-blooded and calculated sacrifice of Canadian troops, in part to prevent Hitler from freeing up his western forces for an anticipated German invasion of Spain. At the heart of the author’s research are new and disturbing revelations outlining of the role played by the American media, specifically Life and Time Magazine, in the publication of coded messages designed to forewarn the Nazi’s of the upcoming raid on the French coast. This is a must read book that will leave the reader angry and shaken, forever changing one’s perspective of American and British military history and actions of Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Story Behind The Book – In 1986, two young Canadian historians, George and Darril Fosty, received and invitation to attend the South Saskatchewan Regiment Reunion in Langley, British Columbia, for the purpose of interviewing veterans of the Dieppe Raid. Little did these brothers realize that the Reunion would mark the beginning of a 25-year journey which would lead from a Canadian Legion Hall in British Columbia to the espionage streets of New York City, the back rooms of American and British politics, and the forgotten battlefields of France. Along the way, these historians would not only discover the truth behind the Dieppe Raid, but also succeed in creating a rare chronicle and account on the lives of a group of South Saskatchewan Regiment veterans who were forever changed by Dieppe and its aftermath.

About The Authors – George and Darril Fosty are the authors of eight books, including the bestseller Black Ice: The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895 to 1925. Where Brave Men Fall is considered their most important and finest work.


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