27 Food “Hacks” – How to Eat Clean, Lose Weight, Get Active, and Have FUN!

| April 22, 2013


27 Food

Most people that are overweight are always trying things to lose those
extra pounds. It’s OK. I’ve been in the same boat more than once.

Sometimes it seems like a constant struggle.

This book will change that for you.

In this book you will discover health, energy, drive, and clarity – along with some weight loss.

What you won’t find within these pages is a diet.

You will also not find any special exercise methods or workout

Instead, you are going to see how easy, healthy, and cost conscious it is
to eat CLEAN and eat great food. You’ll also begin to feel more
energetic – you’ll want to get out and go for a walk, or go bowling, or
take a bike ride.

Living clean and being healthy and fit all go hand in hand. It’s hard to
just do one part – your body will help you on this.

You will FEEL different after just a few weeks. AND you will want to
do healthy things that make you feel better and fitter. You can
experience all of this soon…

What if I told you that the biggest reason you have extra weight isn’t
even your fault?

If we were taught to eat everything on our plates and were taught that
fast food is great for us, we are going to LOVE fast food and we are
going to eat every crumb. We are going to love all of the “food-likethings”
that our parents, grandparents, and others have fed us.

We have grown up with a lot of “food-like-things” that have been
passed off as food but which are actually manufactured food type

They are not food.

They are just “food like” and won’t kill you if you eat them (supposedly).

Beware – there be dragons! Learn the TRUTH!

Get your copy of 27 Food Hacks NOW.


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