Children’s Bible Study: Joseph

| April 21, 2013


Children's Bible Study: Joseph

While written with children in mind, this third installment of Annette Phillips’ Children’s Bible Study series is also suited for adults who want to take the story of Joseph’s life and break it down into easy to read and understand daily lessons.

Follow Joseph from Canaan to Egypt and discover how God used Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery as a way to save a whole land and thousands of people from starvation during the seven year famine.

This bible study contains 30 lessons which begins in Genesis 37 and covers Joseph’s life through Genesis 48. Children can learn new bible terms which are bold throughout the book. The definition of each bold word can be found just after the lesson.

Each lesson also contains several questions to use as a review of what they have just read with answers provided. At the end, the author has added a special ‘parched corn’ recipe which goes along with lesson 18.

All verses and text used in this bible study is from the King James Version of the bible.


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