Children’s Bible Study: Ruth

| April 21, 2013


Children's Bible Study: Ruth

Ruth finds herself in Bethlehem far away from her friends and family. She must rely on herself to take care of her mother-in-law, Naomi. As Ruth works in a field, owned by a rich man named Boaz, she learns he is related to her. Will Boaz obey God’s law and marry Ruth or will another man, who is more closely related, marry her instead?

Discover God’s word through simple to read lessons that lead children through the pages of the Bible.

This ebook contains eight lessons covering the entire book of Ruth (KJV). Each lesson is followed by questions with answers. You’ll find uncommon words in bold type throughout the book. These words are listed in the ‘terms’ section at the end of the book with their definitions so kids get a better grasp on biblical words.


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