Soul Journey of a Yogi Bus Driver

| July 29, 2015


Soul Journey of a Yogi Bus Driver

Who am I? Truly?

Where did I come from? Actually?

Where am I going to? Ultimately?

Ever wanted answers to these questions?

Then, a journey with the ‘Yogi Bus Driver’ is a must.

‘Soul Journey of a Yogi Bus Driver’ will be an unforgettable read.

Simon’s enchanting story of transformation will inspire, motivate, encourage, amuse and amaze you. As he traverses continents and cultures, plunges into relationships, encounters healers, psychics and yogis, he arrives in a place he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams. Following a profound out of body experience at the top of a mountain in India, he finds himself in, Soul Consciousness.

From Bus Driver to Yogi seems improbable, but Simon demonstrates that anyone can change if they really want to. You, dear reader, don’t have to make the same mistakes he made, or endure his mishaps, or even experience his pain, but can be spared, and simply learn from them without having to go through them yourself.

These memoirs are a humorous collection of quirky, yet gritty stories, shared in the form of inspiring tales, analogies and metaphors that empower the reader with the life skills and spiritual awareness needed to tackle the sometimes crazy world we find ourselves living in today.


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