Stolen Memories (Hope Book 1)

| July 30, 2015


Stolen Memories (Hope Book 1)

Every soul has a companion on his journey through life – an angel who looks over him and protects him and to whom he is extremely attracted. The soul’s desire for the angel is desperate, full of sorrow and pain. If the desire becomes too much, the angel takes on human form and then the soul meets his true love.

The fabric of our life is stitched together with precious threads of captured memories, stirring emotions, and lasting events which are permanently etched across the tablet of our mind. What if those life-forging memories were gone? Would we no longer exist or would life start anew? To even imagine such a catastrophic possibility is frightening, but for Emma, a young woman battling brain cancer, the challenge was all too real. Her tale is fictional but it mirrors those of thousands of individuals who have traveled down strange paths of new memories and forgotten love.

Emma’s story begins 15 years before being admitted to a well-known Portland hospital for brain surgery. It was a different time, devoted to higher learning and the tender devotion of her sweetheart, Mark. Their union had been loving…but not lasting, ending suddenly at Emma’s behest. Mark, now a brilliant psychologist at a prestigious hospital, often looks back, weighing the good and bad of those days to help him focus on the future. He has tried to move on, dating Lea, a young intern, who has helped him to once again feel…and hope.

Destiny brings three star-crossed lovers together to share in the rarest of moments. Twisted together through time and circumstances, Mark and Emma explore long-shrouded emotions while trying to discover their past. Learn the true meaning of melancholy in the pages of this unique novel, and discover what it is to have loved and ‘lost.’


I don’t mind melancholy. Sometimes I even nurture it. I listen to sad music or walk in the rain, or watch a film about unrequited love.


To feel is to live. Emotions of all kinds are an unavoidable fact of human existence. A healthy dose of melancholy along with other emotions is useful. It helps us remember our mistakes, it motivates us to fight for what we’ve got because we know that it won’t last forever. People have a tendency to idealize the past – especially if it reminds them of a lost love or friends, they see them in a positive light. That’s ok because it affects how they see their future.


If only we could turn back time, or at least stop it… I guess I’m asking for too much… You know, when I was lying in the hospital and fumbling around in the past I felt as if someone had robbed me of my most valuable possessions. My memories. I realized that life is only about memories. Everything you do is about them. You live in the present every day just to have future memories. I’m not scared that I won’t wake up tomorrow, but I’m scared that I’ll wake up and not remember anything.


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