Love, Life & Heart: Love In The City

| July 30, 2015


Love, Life & Heart: Love In The City

Tray Vaughn a part-time actor in training never dreamed he would become an A-List Movie star and find true love, but after the death of his best friend and high school sweet heart it seems there is not much left in his world. Life has shown him that change can happen at any time. Has he seen his troubles finally pass him, or is it just beginning? After the deaths of his friends, Tray is accused of scheming and taking $30,000.00 from Detroit’s Kingpin, Ding Holloway. Lalah Ashley has long awaited the arrival of a true, honest love like Tray, but finds herself the target and pawn in a serious criminal plot that turns her world upside down, instead of finding unity with her new man. Will Tray and Lalah find love in spite of the all the barriers standing in their way?


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