Family Harmony

| July 30, 2015


Family Harmony

Amelia Harmony’s last conversation with Garner Lashley still haunts her. But what the patriarch of the Lashley family surreptitiously gave her keeps her up at night when Garner is found dead at the family’s mansion four days later. She is unsure why he gave her a fifty-year-old newspaper clipping detailing her grandmother’s apparent suicide on a pair of railroad tracks, which killed fourteen people when the train derailed. Nor does she know what the small brass key with the number 36 imprinted on its base unlocks.

Before she can concentrate on unraveling the secrets of these items and Garner’s murder, she must protect young Wyatt Lashley, the last in line of the town’s proudest, most-influential, and most-hated family. Wyatt is an all-around enigma who has taken to traveling, as his neighbors put it. He routinely disappears for hours or even days at a time. Where he goes is as much of a mystery as the Lashley’s family secrets.

The items given to her by Garner, and Wyatt’s mysterious disappearances, lead Amelia on a journey of discovery that shakes the foundation of the town, the grand name of the Lashley family, and even her own birthright…and pits her squarely against those protecting the lies that forged the Lashley family’s prominence.


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