Declutter Your Life in 28 Days: A Minimalist Approach to Clear Your Home, Mind and Schedule

| July 30, 2015


Declutter: Your Life! A Minimalist Approach to Clear Your Home, Mind and Schedule (organize, Decluttering, Minimalistic, Declutter, cleaning, organizing, simplify)

Declutter Your life in 29 Days: A Minimalist Approach To Clear Your Home, Mind and Schedule

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Do You Ever Feel So Overwhelmed That Your Life Feels Like it’s Spiraling Out Of Control?

Did you know that excessive clutter is a cause of stress and can affect every corner of your life, from reaching your goals, to restful sleep and to your overall enjoyment of life? Physical clutter can actually cloud your mind and cause chaos and indecision in your life.

But sometimes it works in the exact opposite.

Sometimes it’s all the clutter you allow to bounce around in your head that manifests itself into the physical clutter you see around your home.

But regardless of where your clutter stems from..

It’s time to clean house!

For most people even the thought of tackling the clutter can seem an insurmountable task if you don’t know where or how to start.

But by devoting just a little of your time to getting rid of the clutter in your life you can enjoy the rewards of reduced stress, and a more organized, enjoyable and productive existence.

Experts agree that 29 days is the perfect amount of time to declutter your home without causing too much stress in the process. When you implement the small bite-sized steps and strategies found in this book, they will lead to big improvements that will be easier to maintain over the long-run.

Your happiness, clarity and productivity will soar!

Here is a blueprint of what you will learn so you can start enjoying a less stressful life:

  • How to prepare your home for the “decluttering” process…
  • How to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to be separated from your “stuff”…
  • Secrets of expert organization specialists that few people ever know about…
  • The 3 things you should never do when it comes to trying to reduce the clutter in your home…
  • Effective strategies to clear your mind of emotional clutter once and for all…
  • Time tested and proven strategies for putting your organization plans into effect…
  • 2 Psychological reasons for holding on to things and how to finally let go.
  • How to recognize the signs that you’re a hoarder.
  • The dangers of clutter to your productivity and your spirit.
  • Much, much more!

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