Patient: Crew (The Crew Book 1)

| July 31, 2015


Patient: Crew (The Crew Book 1)

A cryptic and fantastical adventure told from the point of view of Shanna, a farm girl from Sunny, Texas. Shanna’s life has been consumed by seven voices that control her mind and body. Using her ambidextrous skills, she assuages them by writing their quips.

“They talked when they wanted to talk; I had no control…while the rest of my senses were tending to the voices and their needs, I was in a place of my own making, my solitude.” – Patient: Crew

In the heart of a West Texas community, Shanna was born with inherited scandal and is forced to leave home at an early age when she begins to experience symptoms of schizophrenia. Ten years later, her therapist’s tell-all book launches a manhunt when the public learns of Patient Crew’s prophetic writings. Shanna’s safety is threatened when a psychopath who wants to own her crew of voices begins to kill her loved ones. With the help of the crew, she meets her dark warrior and the battle between good and evil begins.

A compelling tale of loyalty, promises and truth.

– Hannah Kaplan has authored screenplays, short stories and national magazine articles. This is her first novel.


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