The Children’s Crusade

| August 1, 2015


The Children's Crusade

In a flash of gunfire, the serenity of a small New England town is shattered. There is no mystery as to who caused the deaths as Kathleen O’Brien is arrested, charged, and convicted in the deaths of her parents in short order. Still, the heartache remains.

For Elana Costa and Annie Abruzzo, the tragedy strikes deeper. They will not accept that their friend is a murderer. First hand, they have witnessed the unraveling of the O’Brien family and know the truth the town seeks to hide. They will not let the truth go unspoken any longer. Together, they crusade by all means possible to absolve their friend of guilt and set her free.

Kathleen, however, is content with her sentence and refuses to cooperate. Consumed with guilt and despair, she believes the truth will not free her but bind her tighter into a web of unbearable memories. Better to accept the death sentence than to be forced into an uncertain future, Kathleen informs her friends. Without her assistance, the friends battle on to uncover the truth of that tragic night.

If Kathleen is unable to make her own stand, her friends vow to stand for her one last time.


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