My First Blogroll Link……

| July 14, 2007

I’ve been putting off starting my blogroll because I wanted really unique and unusual additions to my site. Well I found my first one. This site is not really about writing per se, but it is a great site, with a blog and a forum, and it’s definitely monetized. My first addition is John Stone Fitness, what impressed me most is that this site documents this man’s fitness journey since 2003. His physical results are amazing. His site is very cool, and he sounds like a really nice guy. He’s even brave enough to document his transformation with pictures along the way. A couple other things that impressed me, is that he not only has an amazing dedication to fitness, but he says his site is updated every morning by 9:00 am. Besides his dedication, persistence and goal setting ability. He also is a softy, with an eye for nature, as he documents his observations of a Mockingbird family living in his yard. Check it out. This site is very motivating. NewsScribe

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