The Hotel Of Insanity: Teaching English In Korea (The Korea Trilogy Book 1)

| August 2, 2015


The Hotel Of Insanity: Teaching English In Korea (The Korea Trilogy Book 1)

Ian James is “amazing…truly a joy to read.”

— The Kindle Book Review

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to teach English in Korea or have already done so, this book is must read.


I think this is an invaluable read to anyone considering moving to South Korea, be it to teach English, study at a Korean university, or work for the U.S. military.


I could hardly put it down over the few evenings I read it.


Humorous, accurate, and poetically written.


A great read. Filled with passages and anecdotes for the romantic traveler who has been disillusioned by the intoxication of moving to a foreign country.

—Joe C.

Can’t wait for the next one.

—Kayla Hodkiewicz

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give up everything you know and move to another country? Have you dreamed of exploring new worlds and soaking yourself in foreign languages and cultures?

Ian James is one of those dreamers. He just wants to travel, pay off his student loans, and do a good job as an English teacher at a public school in Busan, South Korea, but after the first day—of teachers backhanding students and students (yes!) fingering teachers’ behinds—his sojourn becomes a simple question of survival.

The following months are even worse. Gastroenteritis puts him in the hospital for days. Random elderly ladies approach him on the sidewalk and beg him to marry their daughters. The Busan Under-Office of Teacher Training—BUTT—sends him and hundreds of other unfortunates to The Hotel Of Insanity, located way out in the countryside, locking them in for the weekend and forcing them to sing and dance KPOP hits for assemblies of wildly-applauding Korean bureaucrats. Teaching English in South Korea was supposed to be crazy—but this crazy?

Can he make it through the poisoned air which reeks of sewage, the garbage-strewn sidewalks lined with prostitutes, the crushing eggcrate apartment blocks, the bizarre colleagues who force him to kowtow before nightmarish classrooms swarming with shrieking children? Or will Asia send him packing to the debts in America he was trying to escape? Scroll up and click on Look Inside to start reading this travel memoir now.


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