Simple Living: A Modern Minimalist’s Guide to Organizing, Cleaning, & Decluttering

| August 2, 2015


SIMPLE LIVING 2nd Edition: A Modern Minimalist's Guide to: Organizing, Cleaning, & Decluttering (Stress Free, Declutter Your Home, Living with Less, Fulfillment, ... Habit, Personal Transformation Book 1)

Discover Simple Living: A Minimalist Guide to Organizing, Cleaning & Decluttering

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In this Kindle ebook, you’ll find methods that are helping people save time and money while also reducing stress.

Organizing, cleaning and maintaining your home requires time and effort and can sometimes even lead to a large amount of stress. This book changes this problem by reducing the time and effort that it takes to clean and maintain your home. It’s a complete list of tips and minimalist tricks geared with three goals in mind:

    1. Save time


  • Save energy



  • Save money



Some of the tips may look familiar but others will be new and surprising. These simple techniques and ideas can easily be done by anyone from single home owners to families to people living in apartments.

This book is intended for cleaners of all ages and skill levels. From single household owners to families filled with children.

Bottom line: this book will help you organize, clean, maintain your home and keep it looking spotless.

Here is a preview of what you’ll find inside:

✔What Exactly is Minimalism and Minimalist Organization?

✔How to Achieve Minimalist Organization (in a practical way)

✔How to Handle Craft and Hobby Clutter

✔Starting from Scratch: Cleaning the Canvass

✔Priceless Tips for Easier, More Efficient Cleaning

✔Space Tricks: How to Make Rooms Look Bigger

✔FREE Book Offer

✔Key Takeaways from this Book

✔List of Resources

✔And Much, Much More!

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