Presumed Guilty

| August 3, 2015


Presumed Guilty

Two of police detective Gideon Maguire’s partners are murdered in separate incidents less than a week apart and the evidence implicates him.

A mob enforcer has a crisis of conscience and turns on his masters. When his wife and daughter are brutally murdered, he kidnaps a drug kingpin’s daughter in an intricate plot for revenge.

The kidnapping results in a series of attacks on registered sex offenders by gangsters hoping to find the girl and cash in on a huge reward.

The incompetence of a mob boss’s heir apparent results in palace intrigues to discredit the young man.

Vigilante torture and murder, extrajudicial executions, rigged dogfights, teenage sexting, murder, fabricated evidence, predatory pedophiles and a transvestite chanteuse are all involved.

Nobody is innocent. They are all presumed guilty.


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