Flaming Hunger (Shadow Czar Series)

| August 4, 2015


Romance: Flaming Hunger (Shadow Czar Series) Shapeshifter Romance, Paranormal Romance, Gothic (romance suspense, romance mystery romance best sellers in ... books for adults, hot romance book Book 1)

Mat was now a free man. Recently released from an ancient prison, living his life in full throttle. Using his shape shifting power to have anything he wanted, but inexplicably, without any warning, all put to an end.

While robbing a bank, he was nearly caught. Enemies following close behind, discovering Mat’s one true weakness – a mortal secret. A special yellow stone so powerful, making him instantaneously, mysteriously powerless.

Mat, upon hearing insider information, gains access to the Minister’s palace where the stone is currently being held. Upon entering the palace, secretly disguised, he meets the Minister’s daughter with whom he felt an unknown connection. Had they known each other?

Mat to her was different from other men she met and made her feel special. But all soon came crumbling down when she found the truth about him. Who should she now trust?

Mat then discovers the dark truth of her father, as he is the dragon king who killed his previous lover ages ago and the story ensues…

Full of twists and turns and sure to not disappoint. Are you ready to fan the Flaming Hunger inside you? Purchase Flaming Hunger and start reading in a minute by clicking on the buy with 1-click button in the upper right hand corner of this page. What are you waiting for? Buy Now.


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