In the Light of the Passing: Book 1

| April 30, 2013


In the Light of the Passing: Book 1

Commander Shance Delray has endured more than his share of bad luck. An asteroid is on a collision course with his home on Grahba, he is shot down in battle–twice–and he finds himself falsely imprisoned in the mines beneath Sarzan; yet, in spite of all of this, only meeting Nadeena can bring him to his knees.

“In the Light of the Passing: Book 1” is a fast-paced adventure set on distant worlds. In this fantasy/romance novel, a young commander is torn away from his people mere days before an asteroid is scheduled to impact their colony. Barely surviving an attack by a massive warship, Commander Shance Delray regains consciousness far from home and in the midst of strangers. Believing his people have perished, Shance is drawn into yet another struggle. Ignoring the danger, he agrees to lead a fighter squadron to Sarzan in an attempt to save the miners imprisoned beneath evil Commander Vallance’s city. Only upon victory does Shance learn that he has been deceived to gain his cooperation; despite the odds, his people are alive. Knowing he must return to them, Shance is torn between his obligations as a leader and his love for Nadeena, Vallance’s daughter. The time of the Passing is upon them and, when the twenty long days have passed, both Shance and Nadeena will have learned the meaning of commitment, the power of destiny, and the strength–as well as the fear–that lies buried in the human heart.

Page-turning adventure and true-to-life emotions fill this 122,000 word novel. While everyday reality may seem mundane and predictable, “In the Light of the Passing: Book 1” convinces readers, from age 14 to 104, that fate and destiny not only exist, but refuse to be denied.


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