Ask, Seek, Knock!: How To Use Powerful Questions In Your Quest For Success

| April 23, 2013


Ask, Seek, Knock!: How To Use Powerful Questions In Your Quest For Success

Ask, Seek Knock by Marcus M. Mottley, is much more than a powerful inspirational and motivational book. Why? Because you receive excellent, practical and proven strategies and techniques that helps you achieve the levels of personal power and success that you desire.

In Ask, Seek, Knock you will learn:

· How to use the right questions – in the right ways.

· How to deal with setbacks, problems, challenges, obstacles and personal difficulties;

· Which questions to use, when to use them and how to make them more powerful;

· Which questions to avoid and why;

· How to examine your core values, your spirituality and personal behaviors;

· How to change your life and keep the changes you desire;

· How to move from questioning and inquiring, to searching and exploring, and then on to receiving and achieving.

As a result of reading Ask, Seek, Knock you will:

· You will get in touch with some of the things that are holding you back and learn how to release them;

· You will be empowered to get what you want out of your personal and business relationships;

· You will not only embrace change – but you will become an agent of change – moving in the direction you want to go;

· You will be propelled to knock down the doors of opportunity and start taking focused, determined and relentless actions until your goals are achieved and your dreams are fulfilled!

· You will be empowered to act passionately, positively, purposefully and persistently!


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