The Winner Of The Second New Word Monday Contest

| November 4, 2007

Well my second New Word Monday Contest has ended. This contest was a success with 10 high quality entries. My first contest had 4 entries, and the winner Rich Minx, was chosen by the random number generator.  Let’s see who the winner of this contest is:

Here’s The Five Words:

  1. Piece de resistance

  2. au contraire

  3. bouleversement

  4. obstreperous

  5. cosmopolitan

Here are the Ten Entries:

  1. Won’t be going out with your date again, because of Sushi!? How obstreperous! You really need to be a little bit more cosmopolitan, and this requires a complete bouleversement in your whole attitude. And, ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the whole Sushi idea was your date is piece de resistance, to win you over? Au contraire , you should have taken this gesture as a complement By Domtan

  2. Having lived in a cosmopolitan city for very long, Jason was quite comfortable dealing with people of other nationalities. However, one day, while having a drink at a local pub, he was surprised to hear the bouleversement involving the man sitting next to him and the French bartender. The man seemed to be convinced that the bartender had shortchanged him by giving him a watered-down version of his requested beverage. Obstreperously, he demanded that the bartender apologize and compensate him. Monsieur, I have done nothing wrong. Au contraire, you should apologize to me and the gentleman next to you. The man was momentarily stunned. ‘What?’ The bartender just smiled. Then came the piece de resistance. ‘Monsieur, I did tell you in French that your drink was the one on your right. But you drank the gentleman’s drink instead. Or do you mean to say that you came to a French pub but do not understand French?’ Jason braced himself. But the man, looking bewildered and a little ashamed, did not answer but left quietly.  By BT

  3. Au contraire my blogging buddy! This cosmopolitan diva (said with tongue in cheek without laughing my head off) thinks that the piece de resistance is just a bouleveresment of imagination that is so obstreperously overthought.  By Laura Williams

  4. As a cosmopolitan I did not feel strange that the piece of resistance of that extremist party were nothing but bouleveresment; au contraire, I expected some kind of obstreperously ostentatious demonstrations. By Fernando Tasso

  5. While looking at Renoir’s masterpiece, Luncheon of the Boating Party, considered by many to be his piece de resistance, Mark obstreperously thought Au contraire; there’s a decided lack of cosmopolitan appeal “instead, there seemed to be a bouleversement of ideas and concepts colliding chaotically, preventing him from fully appreciating the piece.

    Mark was considered by many to be insane.  By Joshua

  6. The recent reference of Philippine Medical schools in the season premiere of the Desperate Housewives series has created a cosmopolitan bouleveresment among the Filipino communities all over the world. A number of Filipinos are obstreperously saying that mentioning of such line is totally unnecessary while another faction says it’s no big deal and the sudden formation of piece de resistance is outright unnecessary. Au contraire, ABC Network has expressed their apology, saying they have no intent to cause slurs against the Filipinos in that premiere episode.  By TheContender

  7. My Piece de resistance is a lovely parkland trail I enjoy taking my dog for a walk on. Au Contraire, there are lots of brush and small tree stumps that make it difficult as much as we love the place.Being the cosmopolitan person I am, I will sometimes take the street and be absolutely obstreperous, which is totally different than walking on the trail. We occasionally come in contact with other dogs and then it becomes a total bouleversement situation and we pull apart the dogs and head home. By Jody

  8. The cosmopolitan American female stared at the Museum’s piece de resistance with admiration and awe. She
    cringed as her obstreperous companion scoffed at the painting. As she stepped back, a handsome gentleman approached her, and in perfect French
    stated his bouleversement. Au Contraire, fair lady! This is only one of many paintings in the Louvre. You must view them all to make your own judgment of its piece de resistance.
    With that, he grasped her hand ever so gently and guided her through one of the world’s most beloved museums. By Daria

  9. Every morning, I check in my alternative school students and search them for weapons. Usually, it goes smoothly. Monday was the exception. Five students came to the school and created an immediate bouleveresment of the environment.

    Au contraire, I commanded with a stern, forbidding look on my face, designed to intimidate the students into taking their disagreement off-campus.

    Alas, the students are not quite as

    cosmopolitan as I, and had no earthly idea what I had just said. Ignored, I issued my piece de resistance, which was calling the police. When I told them to stop threatening one another, the primary instigator obstreperously said, ‘The hell I will’. (Edited for publication.)

    Unfortunately, this is based on a true event. Thanks for a fun contest!!  By Bloggrrl

  10. Yes, that’s correct. One ticket to London departing this Friday. Thanks. Good-bye.

    Hrmpf. Look at her. She thinks she’s so cosmopolitan. All excited about her trip. Well what about me? What about my needs? Does she think I like having to deal with Mrs. Myers while she’s gone? Doesn’t she realize the woman rarely cleans my litter box? And the way that woman speaks to me is so insulting “ she treats me like a dog! Not to worry though. I’ll just lie here and plan my latest bouleversement. I’ll be perfectly docile and sweet. I won’t get obstreperous; oh no, au contraire, I’ll make her think I’m fine with her temporary abandonment. And then, after she returns I’ll wait until she’s not looking and leave a piece de resistance in her favorite pair of shoes.

    Merrrw. Long live La Revolution!  By Chanya

And The Winner Is……………….

Number 3 Laura from Laura Willams’ Musings  Congratulations Laura, if you send me your email address I will transfer 20 bucks to your paypal account. Congratulations and Thanks again for entering.

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  1. Domtan says:

    Congratulation to the winner. And, thanks for the link, Emma. It was an intriguing contest.

  2. Emma says:

    Thanks Domtan, I’m glad you participated. 😀

  3. Chanya says:

    Emma: thanks for the link. I had lots of fun composing my entry. Can’t wait for the next one!

  4. Daria says:

    Congratulations, Laura!!!

    Emma – I’m glad to see such an increase in the number of entries into your contest! That rocks!!!

    Hopefully, I will soon follow suit, when my schedule finally evens out and I can put more time and attention into my own blog. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to read and enjoy yours!!!!

    Keep it up and I hope you had a fantastic Halloween!

  5. Emma says:

    @Chanya I can’t wait to read your next entry, I thought yours was very clever. 🙂

  6. Emma says:

    @Daria I had a great Halloween. You give me a lot to live up to. Thanks for entering. 😀

  7. Emma says:

    @Laura You are very welcome! 😎