| August 7, 2015



Gert, small-town drunkard, big-time storyteller, finds himself in the pub one night with a few old jazz musicians. Little does he know that, by the end of the evening, he will be the lead detective in a murder case.

With the help of Lester, a scatterbrained youth, Gert sets out to solve the crime, at least for an afternoon. Ghost stories, rum and classic yarns prove too much of a distraction, however, and the detectives soon find themselves short of time.

The victim has a long past, and there are plenty of tales to tell. Gert and Lester must navigate the town’s larger-than-life personalities and its never-ending sequence of pubs in order to bring the murderer to justice. Worst of all, the naïve detectives must confront the world’s most deadly spectre: vaudeville.

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