The Nicest Guy In Hell

| August 8, 2015


The Nicest Guy In Hell

A man who thought he could escape death is proven to be wrong!

Paul Branch is a risk taking self-made businessman who has it all and is on the verge of getting even more. He’s a privileged and well recognized industry titan whose meteoric rise to the top shows no signs of slowing down. His insatiable passion for family and community prove that despite his accumulation of wealth and notoriety, he’s just one of the guys. This is the type of guy you want to be your best friend or even your boss. Paul’s long-standing charitable work to make the world a better place makes him a public icon. His heavily opinionated views on money, religion, and politics even seem to resonate well with the masses.

One day everything changes! A shocking catastrophe leads to a total and complete shake up of his loving family, flourishing business, and hard earned legacy. The unpredictable events that follow take everyone by surprise. An imminent threat to everything Paul has worked for lurks on the horizon. His loyal wife Angela is suddenly forced into an overwhelmingly maddening predicament. Under tremendous pressure she unknowingly puts herself and even those she loves directly in harms way.

The propulsive narrative of “The Nicest Guy In Hell” makes this absorbing read hard to stop turning the pages. Hang on tight because you’ll be surprised by what takes place in the story just around the bend. Everything you think you know will be blindsided by the one thing you didn’t see coming. You’ll soon realize that it gets harder and harder to put down as the book races to its unexpected ending.

You need to dive in spoiler free before picking up this highly addictive novel. Just know that in the end, all secrets carried in the dark will one day be regretfully revealed in the light. Everyone will ultimately come to realize they must now live forever with the consequences of choices made. Good or bad….


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