A Couple of Forevers

| August 8, 2015


A Couple of Forevers

Baltimore native, Victor Carrington started his own restaurant group with his best friend after dealing with the sudden death of his younger brother, which inspired him to go after life with everything he has.

Motivated to marry and start his own family, Victor rekindled a relationship with an old girlfriend Shelia Cabernoff, only to realize she lacked the qualities he was looking for. After bringing the relationship to an end Victor heads off to Buffalo, New York to establish his next restaurant.

After a few months of burying himself in work Victor meets Veronica Highgate, a sexy and witty visual merchandiser of a fine jewelry and luxury home décor store, at a wine tasting. On their first date Victor learns of Veronica’s choice to be celibate due to her previous failed relationships. Instead of walking away, Victor feels intrigued and finds himself drawn to her even more.

Drama follows the pair through the action of a co-worker who vows to rid the company of Veronica, while her ex-boyfriend’s antics threaten to destroy their relationship while he plots to come between them. Shelia, Victor’s ex, arrives in Buffalo pregnant and announcing him the father in hopes of them becoming a family.

Will Victor’s and Veronica’s new fragile relationship survive, or will it fizzle before it starts?


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