Typography Essentials

| August 9, 2015


TYPOGRAPHY: ESSENTIALS (w/ bonus content): The FUNDAMENTALS of  having BEAUTIFUL Type for Print and Website Graphic Design (Graphic Design, Graphics, Photography ... for Beginners, Artists, Illustrator, Adobe)




(find most of them throughout the book!)


Taking into account the tried and tested industry standards for layout, font choice, spacing, kerning and leading, you’ll learn all the basic skills to create the impression you would like to. This book will consider the artistic and practical implications of lettering, and give you useful insight into how the eyes and minds of readers work when scanning a page. From Ipsum Lorem to Responsive Web Design, you will find everything you need to know in this well-crafted introduction.

This book will introduce you to the fascinating world of Typography. Taking you from the early beginnings of the idea, and showing you the developments, you will find out how the science and the art of typesetting, printing and web typography has moved to where it is today. You will also get a glimpse into the future of the world of typography.

    • A Brief History of Typography


  • Typography Today



  • Which rules to use, and when to break them.



  • Typography defined and clearly explained



  • Is it art? The aesthetics and functionality aspects



  • What is Leading, Kerning and more



  • Which font do I choose? Which ones do I avoid?



  • Fitting style to context – do it, don’t overdo it



  • Pangrams and Lorem Ipsum



  • How to use typography on web pages, tips for success



  • Responsive Design for the future



  • Much, much more!


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