Clutter Free Lifestyle: Smart Organizing Tips To Keep Your Home Decluttered, Tidy And Happy

| August 10, 2015


Clutter Free lifestyle: Smart organizing tips to keep your home decluttered, tidy and happy (Home tips Book 1)

Your living space defines your mood and ultimately your happiness

Do you dread walking those first steps in the front door because it increases your stress? Maybe you have a feeling of burden that comes over you, but you’re not entirely sure why. If your home is not peaceful and inviting when you walk through those doors, then you may need to declutter! In fact, researchers at UCLA’s Center on Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) found that an accumulation of clutter in your home can actually trigger depression.

Eliminate clutter and learn the art of tidying to promote peace in your home

This book teaches you how to give your entire environment a makeover! Learn pro tips for turning what seems like a mountain of work into quick-and-easy weeknight tasks that will soon become a new way of life for you. Learn how to simplify and organize your space for lasting results that promote peace and happiness. Step-by-step tasks help you break down impossible chores into bite-sized chunks that will motivate you to reach your goal!

Make simple changes little-by-little, until they become everyday habits

Once you learn these simple techniques for smart organizing, you’ll never want to go back! This book teaches you practical steps to keep your space simple and inviting everyday. Your new skills will motivate and inspire you to live a truly clutter-free lifestyle.

Each chapter is filled with easy changes you can make to your everyday routine, designed to minimize your work and maximize the relaxation factor. You won’t believe how good it feels to live clutter free!

  • Chapter 1: The pitfalls of a cluttered home
    • Welcome friends and visitors
    • Achooo! No thanks to dust and mold
    • Get a real productivity boost
    • Kids need a danger-free zone to play in
    • Find what you need, when you need it
  • Chapter 2: Power tips for decluttering your home
    • Expect a slow battle
    • This is not a time to be sentimental
    • Don’t become overwhelmed; it’s just a state of mind
    • Visualize the peaceful space you want
    • Set goals and don’t stray off track
    • Boxes are your best friend
    • Learn to organize and you’ll have the golden key to your success
    • Create a storage system
    • Learn to live like a minimalist
    • Clutter and trash are not the same thing
    • Set a challenge and celebrate your milestones
  • Chapter 3: Step by step organizing every room one at a time
    • Your bathrooms should have sparkle
    • Your kitchen should be organized
    • Your bedrooms should be peaceful
    • Your dining and living rooms should be inviting
    • Your home office should be productive
  • Conclusion

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