The Seventh Day Of Light: The First Cosmonaut

| August 11, 2015


The Seventh Day of Light: THE FIRST COSMONAUT

Book Description:

An intense race for a manned space flight

The pride of two nations hangs in the balance

A government that would cover up the truth

A man whose epic journey would lose him everything

The year is 1958 at the height of the cold war. The United States and the Soviet Union are engaged in a daring and frantic space race. The Soviets, through their Sputnik programmes, have the advantage and escalate plans to put the first manned mission into orbit.

Sergei Federev, a prodigy of the Soviet military apparatus, has everything a man in the military could ever want: a beautiful fiancée, a loving family, a rank beyond his years and a reputation for being the best air force pilot in the country. At just 24 the expectation of a government and weight of a nation’s pride and ambitions rests on his shoulders as he is chosen for the top secret mission to be the first human in space, to be The First Cosmonaut.

During the first orbit of the Earth, Sergei’s craft is destroyed by meteorites but miraculously, he survives. Regaining consciousness in an unfamiliar environment, he has to search for answers of where he is and what happened to him.

What he discovers is a world beyond anyone’s imagination changing his perceptions of life, but he could not foresee the dramatic events that would unfold destroying his career, his entire being and shaking the upper echelons of the Soviet Government who will stop at nothing to put an end to the Federev saga.

Will Sergei survive, will he be vindicated or will he be hunted down by KGB never to be heard from again?


Review from Amazon Top 500 Reviewer and Member of Vine Voice

“Riccardo Bertora’s writing makes completely original use of some adjectives, brings them alive in some ways, but otherwise reminds me quite a bit of 1960s-era Isaac Asimov. Speaking of which: the Cold War era historic detail is exquisite.

Bertora is a wonderful storyteller.”


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