Amped (X-Troop Book 1)

| August 11, 2015


England, 2051. Alex Harvey is a washed up SAS trooper, thrown out of the army and dumped on the streets of a country that is coming apart at the seams. Jobs are scarce, the economy is in the doldrums and a black market in performance enhancing drugs and illegal cage fighting is thriving. Alex may be out of work, but his quest for that adrenaline high keeps him thirsting for the next challenge, the next fight.

So when he’s approached by a strange gentleman and offered the mother of all enhancements, he’s more than tempted.

But in order to be accepted for the treatment, he’s got to agree to a peculiar assignment: to hunt down the toughest, fastest foe that he’s ever encountered. In half the continents of the world, Alex has pitted himself against a variety of combatants, but this will be the first time he’s gone up against something that’s not of this world at all. Pretty soon he’ll find that winning is the least of his problems. When the stakes are shooting off the scale, it’s going to take all his skill just to survive.

Get the complete Alien Infiltrators series:
Alien Infiltrators 1: Amped
Alien Infiltrators 2: Assembled
Alien Infiltrators 3: The Tollon Codex
Alien Infiltrators 4: Bunker 51
Alien Infiltrators 5: Arctic Run

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The Alien Infiltrators Collection: Books 1-5

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