Catfurnado, Zombies and One Killer Doll: Second Journey Into The Unknown

| August 11, 2015


Catfurnado, Zombies and One Killer Doll: Second Journey Into The Unknown

Mark Cusco Ailes and Derek Ailes are back with a new anthology of horror madness. 21 brand new chilling tales to take you over the edge. The zombie fallout is just one of the twisted tales in the anthology from hauntings to post-apocalyptic science fiction and horror. The Ailes Brothers of Terror bring you killer dolls, a real zombie outbreak during a zombie convention, a catfurnado, an alien invasion, misfortune cookies, demons, mega sinkholes, drones, executioners and more. The nightmare doesn’t stop when the Ailes Brothers take you on a thrill ride of terror.

SECOND JOURNEY is a collection of horror stories that takes the reader on a new genre high that lingers and tingles long after the lights are out! Penned by authors Derek Ailes and Mark Cusco Ailes, each story is crafted with a literary finesse rarely seen but so appreciated by hungry horror readers.

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY is a spellbinding tale of the birthday Teddy bear with a gruesome but oh-so welcomed gift for his new owner. Thank goodness Mr. T. Bear is one of a kind! Then there’s JUDGMENT NIGHT, the story of a drunk driver who gets the ultimate lesson in sobriety is riddled with shocking irony. But it’s CLAWS, a riveting short about a kitty whose deadly Mama gives a whole new meaning to “If Mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!” These are just a sampling of the delicious chills lurking inside SECOND JOURNEY!

This authorial duo can only be described as talented, gifted and ingenious. Their artistry with the written word is guaranteed to propel them to the bestseller charts of hair raising fame! Get your copy of SECOND JOURNEY today and enjoy the most wonderful moments of tantalizing terror…right to the very end!


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