The String Horse

| April 28, 2013


The String Horse

A true story that invites readers to spend a year with James, a third grader who looks like he has the perfect life from the outside. But life just isn’t going the way James planned. James is dealing with more stuff than your average 9-year-old. He has a big bad secret that makes him feel sick a lot of the time; he’s sad that his mom whom he adores has to fly all over the world for her job, and his headmaster has his mom on her speed dial. Trouble just seems to find James. However, James and his mom are adventurous and creative; they have a master plan. James and his mom are determined to find a way to fix his life before James is a teenager, and their methods might surprise you.

This is a journey into a young boy’s life that forever changed him from fearful and timid into a confident and courageous teenager.


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