Coffee Shop Inspirations: Simple Strategies For Building Dynamic Leadership And Relationships

| August 12, 2015


Coffee Shop Inspirations: Simple Strategies For Building Dynamic Leadership And Relationships

Coffee Shop Inspirations provides a fun, coffee shop casual approach for taking your leadership and relationships skills to the next level. In this book, you’ll discover how the Bible and psychology team up to provide powerful tools for dynamic life change. Whether you’re feeling stuck in your personal growth or searching for innovative ideas to lead and connect well, this book is for you. Instead of waiting for change to happen, take a proactive approach, and discover the five strategies that you can begin practicing right now to become a better leader and relater!



    • Don’t Pick Up the Rope: Tools for arguing less and connecting more.


  • Make the Best Bad Choice: Strategies for getting unstuck and building momentum.



  • Focus on the Good: Ideas for generating energy and creativity.



  • Reframe the Problem: Tactics for breaking through barriers and achieving your goals.



  • Take Care of You: A plan for staying healthy and refreshed on your leadership and relationship journey.



Praise for Coffee Shop Inspirations, Simple Strategies for Building Dynamic Leadership and Relationships:

Coffee Shop Inspirations illustrates so well the practical use of the Word of God. The author has full confidence in God’s inerrant Word, filtering everything through Scripture as the believer’s final authority. This book is clear, balanced and faithful to Scripture. I recommend it to you for your encouragement in your daily walk with the Lord in the light of His Word.”

~Dr. Gary Coombs, President: Southern California Seminary

“This book will be a blessing to anyone who reads it and applies the material. The author’s writing is inspiring, helpful, and is truly a self-help book in every sense of the word.”

~Dr. Paul Fisher, Pastor, Professor and licensed therapist.

“Jed not only offers sound and biblical advice, but he does it in a way that is both immensely practical and immediately applicable.”

~James Fazio, Dean of Biblical Studies: Southern California Seminary

“Jed has done a masterful of taking the truth of Scripture and the research behind psychology to show practical ways to impact everyday life. The insights shared are not theory but proven techniques which have been applied to real life. Everyone would profit from reading this book.”

~Russ Cox, Senior Pastor of New Hope Community Church

“This particular project of Jed’s is not only enlightening; it is spiritually grounded… Thank you for the Coffee Shop experience.”

~Jonathan Dean, MA, IMF, PsyD-Student

“As an Assistant Pastor and therapist, I have enjoyed reading this book. Jed had been able to use his God given talents to bring light for both Christians and Psychotherapists. This is truly a must read for all.”

~Carlos E. Magallon, M.A., Ephesians 4:5 Ministries

“Jed makes applying key principles from the Bible and psychology practical and easy.”

~Jessica Daly, IMF


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