Phoenix: Spooks

| August 12, 2015



The Phoenix Corporation has a great offer for you; for the same cost as an average funeral, you can be ecto-infused and add years to your time. You won’t need to eat or sleep, you won’t feel pain, and you are impervious to injury. Phoenix calls them ecto-beings, on Earth people refer to them as Spooks.

The year is 2127. The Earth has been trashed, North America is buried under pack ice, and the entire American population is clinging to the only place left that isn’t hostile to human life; the West Coast of the continent. Los Angeles is now the largest city in the Western Hemisphere.

As if this didn’t create enough problems, an executed serial killer has gotten himself infused by Phoenix for seventy-five years, and has returned to wreak havoc and revenge on the city. The LAPD is now confronted by the toughest challenge it has ever faced: How do you stop a murderer you have already killed?

Written in a terse, unconventional style that is designed to keep you uncomfortable and at the edge of your seat, it is not for the sqeamish or faint of heart. “Spooks” is a savage tale of revenge and terror in a harsh, dystopian future where police find themselves at the mercy of unseen forces they cannot control.


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