Baby Zeke: The diary of a chicken jockey

| August 12, 2015


Baby Zeke: The diary of a chicken jockey (an unofficial Minecraft autobiography) (Baby Zeke: The Diary of a Jockey Book 1)

***This book will be FREE from August 12 to August 16***

Book 1: Zeke was spawned as a baby zombie, and everyone made fun of him.

He had no idea why he was so little when all of the other zombies he met were so big. It did not seem fair to him.

But after meeting his zombie mentor, Zeb, he learns that he has special powers that will help him survive in the crazy, amazing world of Minecraft.

When he later meets a chicken named Harold, his life seems to have taken a turn for the positive.

But, a nighttime raid on a village begins the process that will turn his world upside down….

The Baby Zeke the Chicken Jockey unofficial Minecraft series is a must read for gaming fans everywhere!


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