The Yin and Yang of Blogging.

| July 17, 2007


In Chinese Philosophy Yin and Yang are viewed as complimentary opposites, symbolized, by two opposing, but complementary principles, such as, water and earth for Yin, and fire and wind for Yang. Forces in nature can have Yin/Yang states in movement against each other.

My blogging experience consists of many Yin and Yang states as well. Here are my Eleven Yin and Yang states of blogging:

1. I love my blog, everything I write is brilliant, and I can’t wait to work on it. / I hate my blog, I dread working on that thing, knowing it is always there waiting for me.

2. I get excited when I check my stats and I notice my viewers are increasing each day / I get nervous and I feel pressure when I think people are actually reading what I write.

3. My blog is in America / Many of the blogs I read come from Australia

4. I need to stay on track and follow my niche / I need to be free to write about anything that pops into my mind, my blog is about me after all.

5. I should follow a regular blogging schedule, every morning spend the first two hours of my day updating my blog. / I should only write when I am inspired (if ever).

6. I should become a successful blogger on two hours a day (after all I do have a day job). / I need to spend every waking moment on this thing, when blogging, two hours can easily turn into six hours.

7. I need to work on Content Creation. / I need to work on Marketing.

8. I need to know everything there is about WordPress, PHP, and XHTML. / I just need to get started the knowledge will come in time.

9. Yay, Cristina Mendonsa read my blog. / Oh No, Cristina Mendonsa read my blog.

10. I have nothing to write about. / I should just start writing about nothing.

11. I love writing! / I hate writing!

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  1. Mike Perry says:

    Hello Emma,
    Interesting – but opposites are really very close to each other. They also emphasise that there isn’t any reality. There is only our realisation of how things are.
    Best wishes,

  2. NewsScribe says:

    Hello Mike, Thanks for stopping by.