Deadly Justice

| August 14, 2015


Deadly Justice

The D C Killer is hiding- in the White House.

Suspenseful, fast paced and one that keeps the reader glued to the edge of their seat!

Jerold Robbins is handsome, rich President of the United States and a Serial Killer. Eighteen women have been found floating in the Potomac. Their bodies slashed and weighted down with concrete blocks. Then the killing stops. Law enforcement speculates the killer is dead or incarcerated. The D C Killer is imprisoned ””in the White House. The secret service has no idea they are protecting a monster. In office, Robbins establishes a network of assassins killing individuals across America. Pressured to investigate FBI director Tony Steel assigns Alison Stevens to the case. Alison is fleeing her own demons dogged by the memories of her murdered family. Too close to the truth, Alison is framed for murder. Now she must elude the law and the assassin. She fights to survive clear her name and bring Robbins to justice.

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