23 Frugal Ways to Earn $1,000 (and More..)

| April 30, 2013


23 Frugal Ways to Earn ,000 (and More..)

Do you need a bit of extra cash? Maybe you are saving for a family vacation, need to pay for some home improvements or need to pay down some debt?
The frugal way to handle all of these expenses is not to borrow money or use credit, but to find creative ways to earn the necessary cash. In 23 Frugal Ways to Earn ,000 (and More..) we illustrate detailed examples and ideas that you can implement to find the extra cash you need, possibly even a long term second income. In this book you will learn:
– Over 23 diverse income earning methods
– Detailed ‘Deep-dive’s into specific examples
– Methods that apply to readers from all backgrounds. No education needed.
– Estimates of earning potential for a variety of work

No matter your situation or condition, if you are a dedicated stay at home mom with very little free time, you can make use of the ideas in this book to earn immediate extra income!


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